Record Store Day Warsaw 2019

In connection with the announcement by one of the music stores of exclusivity for the organization of Record Store Day in Poland and the requests directed towards us and discrediting of Record Store Day Warsaw, we want to officially present our position in this matter.

Record Store Day Warsaw is an event that has alredy taken place in Warsaw for the last 8 years, and in April this year will be held for the 9th time. In Other Polish cities during Record Store Day similar events are organized (eg Record Store Day Krakow, Record Store Day Wrocław, Record Store Day Poznań or Record Store Day Kielce…), gathering various music-related cultures.

The organization and participation in Record Store Day Warsaw from the very beginning has involved a wide range of record stores and people who have been associated with vinyl and independent music for years (independent publishing houses, music artists, promoters and music journalists, cultural institutions ...). In the last three years Simply Culture Foundation has been responsible for organizing the event.

It is worth noting that RSDW is not only about selling records, but also a rich cultural program: music concerts, dj sets (played only from vinyls), exhibitions (including Eilon Paz, Rosław Szaybo, Stanisław Zagórski), meetings with artists, panels debating or film screenings.

The formula of RSDW results from the specificity of the Polish market, which is very different from that in the US or Western Europe. In Poland, a large number of stores are online stores, and the network of stationary stores is just developing. There are also many non-commercial collectors or small labels that independently distribute their music albums. Many shops are so small that it is not possible to organize a concert or additional activities, such as a DJ set inside (or outside) the shop. At Record Store Day Warsaw all these entities have a chance to promote themselves and reach a larger audience - and this is what the Record Store Day idea is all about, isn’t it?

The idea of Record Store Day Warsaw is to connect everyone for whom vinyl culture is an important part of life. We do not exclude anyone. During the event, we show and promote the whole variety of valuable music, not limited to one genre. Because we are all different, but we share a love for music.

Regarding the alleged name rights the name we use is only a descriptive word mark, which as such is used to describe the event and cannot be protected by copyright - can anyone assign an author's monopoly to the term Fresh Fish Market or Rock Music Festival? These are generic / descriptive names. In addition, the name Record Store Day is not a registered trademark in either Europe or Poland. We do not see any legal basis or need to give up the term Record Store Day Warsaw.

Record Store Day Warsaw 2019 is for various reasons reduced to the formula of the record fairs. However, we do it because we still want to celebrate and enjoy the entire vinyl culture with you, and as always we are open to cooperation. See you in Hala Gwardi on April 13th and 14th!

Record Store Day Warsaw Crew